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Cyber Bullying. Online Crushes. Plagiarism. Prevention Videos that speak to THEM. Award-winning, validated and screened worldwide. 

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Some of my students had been mean to other on the Internet but were not aware of the term and that student’s had committed suicide as a result of it. They were touched by the video because they didn’t realize how serious the problem is. 

Cecelia H., Teacher, Illinois

I was working with four girls on a cyber bullying situation that is incredibly similar to the one in Adinas Deck. Thankfully, we came to a positive resolution. It confirmed in my mind that your film accurately addresses the kinds of online situations that middle school students are facing everyday. And, the film addresses these issues in ways that are both educational and entertaining.

Susan C, Counselor, Hillsborough, CA

 My own children got a lot out of the production–you caught their attention with the mystery and kept it with the realistic (not over-the-top) acting.  As a survivor of preachy after school specials, I am very grateful that your film was so informative, yet so kid-friendly.

Naomi Sandweiss, Parent, NM

The girls still ask about Adinas Deck and want to watch a sequel of it. A seventh grader told me at the last savvy surfing meeting, that they wanted to form their own deck after watching it.Theres not a lot of material for Cyberbullying, and if there is, you have to censor a lot of it for younger girls. Adinas deck was age-appropriate for MS and the girls absolutely adored it! We cant wait for the sequels!!

TN, Girl Scout Troop Leader
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Award Winning Prevention Videos + Guides. Cyber Bullying. Online Crushes. Plagiarism.